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munin-java-plugins - java-plugins for munin

Website: http://munin-monitoring.org/
License: GPLv2
Vendor: Fedora Project
java-plugins for munin-node.

Install this sub-package for the jmx node plugin.


munin-java-plugins-2.0.25-2.el6.noarch [87 KiB] Changelog by "D. Johnson" (2015-03-07):
- Merge 2.1 paches back to 2.0
- BZ# 1149949 - munin-async init script to override defaults (PR-274 backport)
- BZ# 1049262 - munin ntp_ plugin uses perl features from perl 5.10.0 but can only use perl 5.8.8
- BZ# 1140015 - Munin mysql plugin fails to parse MariaDB status

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